Korrvu Retention and Suspension Packaging Choose EnviraPak for your Korrvu Packaging Needs

Korrvu Retention and Suspension Packaging

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Korrvu® suspension and retention packaging provides excellent product presentation, versatility and space savings. Korrvu suspension packaging suspends fragile products away from impact in the air space of the shipping container between two layers of highly resilient low-slip film. Sealed Air Korrvu retention packaging holds a product securely within a proprietarsealed air korrvu laptop boxy frame and offers excellent protection for semi-rugged products. 

Benefits of Sealed Air Korrvu Packaging

Innovative - Engineered solutions to specific packaging requirements with unique features.

Unparalleled Product Protection - A complete packaging solution that holds your product securely in place protecting it from damage due to shock, vibration and impact.

Showcases Your Product's Appearance - Korrvu packaging's transparent film enables your package to serve as both a protective shipper and an effective display merchandiser.

Versatile and Flexible - The resilient film will conform to a variety of shapes. Each design can be used for a variety of similar shapes reducing your packaging inventory.

Easy to Store - Sealed Air Korrvu packaging stores flat, reducing storage and warehouse space requirements. No special equipment or capital investment is required.

Environmentally Sound - Contains at least 30% recycled content and is readily recyclable in corrugated hydrapulping operations. Sealed Air Korrvu packaging is reusable for return shipments minimizing waste at both ends of the distribution cycle. RESY approved for recycling in Germany.

Standard Designs - Appropriate for a wide array of products without the custom design process including the popular Korrvu Laptop Box